We represent Parker Fluid Connector products and offer complementary products from other suppliers. Serving the southern plains for 40 years from Duncan and Oklahoma City. We offer training programs that provide Professional Development Hours, on-site training for customers and staff, just in time delivery, and a bin stocking program. We are one of 12 Parker Certified Ultra High pressure hose assemblers and the only Parker Certified Blow Out Preventer hose assembler in the Midwest. Award winning with 12-time Diamond team recipient and 3-time Hose Product Distributor of the year. We serve all markets that are needing tailored solutions. Our customers range from oil and gas, transportation, disposal, agribusiness, food processing, water and beverage bottling, forestry, manufacturing, mining, waste disposal, sustainability, and wind energy.

Personalized attention, innovative results through our customized solutions. Our mission is to be partners with our customers, listening to the pain points and tenaciously finding results. Results are evident in the right products, customized hose assemblies (all types of hose), tube bending, SMART packaging, and documentation; we customize everything including the way they want the shipping documents to look to the invoicing.